Adapt skates are designed to fit as close to your feet as possible for optimal control and responsiveness.

This means Adapt skates will probably fit differently than skates from other brands.

While in most other (hardboot) skates you can get away with a skate that is too big,

in Adapt skates it is very important to wear your true size.

Determining your true size can be difficult with sizing varying in skates, shoes, brand and models.

We have made a size chart to help you find the right Adapt size and a video explaining how to use the chart.

1. Download the size charts

We have made a size chart for both your left and your right foot.

We have an international version which is meant to be printed on A4 paper

and a US version that is meant to be printed on US letter paper.

Download the International A4 version here:

Download the US letter version here:

2. Print the size charts

In the folder you will find both .jpeg and .pdf files for the left and the right foot.

Please print either the .jpg or the .pdf files for both feet.

3. Trace your feet


Tape the size charts to the floor so they do not move when you step on them. Take off your socks.

Start with one foot and then afterwards measure your other foot.

Step onto the paper. 

Carefully place your foot so that the black line runs in between your first and second toe and across the center of your heel. 

Relax your foot, make sure you are not pinching your toes. 

Use a pencil to trace your foot or have a friend trace your foot. It is important that you trace as close to your foot as possible, so make sure you use a thin pencil and not a thick marker since this will give inaccurate results. Hold the pencil perpendicular to the paper.

This is a very important step since tracing too far from your actual outline can result in a size too big! To minimize the inaccuracies from tracing it is very important that you trace your feet without socks on.

4. Measure the length

Draw a straight line at the furthest point of your heel and toe on the tracing. Use the grid on the paper as a guideline to make sure you draw a straight line. Carefully measure the distance between the lines. Write down your result.

Do the same for your other foot. 

5. Check your size

Check which size you need using the size chart. Always go for the results found with your biggest foot.

Please be sensible, measure twice, follow the instructions completely and think about the results.

Did you find a result that you are not sure of? For instance, 2 sizes bigger or smaller than you usually have in skates?

Check if you measured correctly and otherwise please send us an e-mail so we can help you find the correct size.

When you e-mail us, please scan or photograph the size chart and also tell us which model and size skate you are skating right now.


Do you have wide feet? First of all, don't worry about your foot being much wider than the image on the size chart. Since your foot is totally relaxed it will always come out wider than the image. If you have had problems before with skates being too slim, feel free to send us an email with your concerns. Please also attach a scan or photograph of your tracing on the size chart.

Most people with wide feet do not have issues in our skates, and pressure points can always be heatmolded. There are some options for custom fitting too. 

Questions about your size? Send us an e-mail!


Please include the following information to get a quick and accurate size recommendation:

- Which skates do you have now and in which size?
- Take the insole from a pair of shoes/skates and stand on it. Take a topview picture and send it to us.

- Measure the length of that insole and let us know the length

- Measure your feet and send a picture/copy of the size chart including measurements.