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Adapt aggressive skates and parts are sold only on our webshop.
Adapt Hyperskate and Hyperskates parts can be purchased in the following stores.

We work with a select few core shops to ensure the best service.

proskaters place.jpg

Proskaters Place

Toronto, Canada

Proskaters Place sells the Adapt Hyperskates and all parts needed for your Hyperskates.

Proskaters Place is a physical store in Toronto, Canada and they sell online worldwide as well.

Their main focus is on skates, primarily freeskates. With a lot of knowledge, and a lot of products in stock, this is the go-to store to get your Hyperskates in the USA and Canada.


Loco Skates

Eastbourne, United Kingdom

Locoskates sells Adapt Hyperskates, Hyperskates parts, Symetrics parts and Adapt goodies.

Locoskates is the biggest shop in the UK, with a physical store in Eastbourne, Sussex, UK and a big online shop that sells worldwide as well. Nominated by ONE Magazine as best skateshop, this is the go-to store to get your Adapt products in the UK!


Online Skateshop

The Hague, The Netherlands

Onlineskateshop sells Hyperskates, parts and goodies.

Onlineskateshop has a physical store in Scheveningen, the Netherlands as well as an online shop. Onlineskateshop has been a leading skateshop in the Netherlands for the past decade. They have a lot of knowledge about their products and because of the close proximity to the Adapt office, are able to quickly help you out with Adapt products and questions.

Do you want to become an Adapt dealer?  Please contact us.

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