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Collaboration Series GTB/PSP

Exclusively available at Proskaters Place

Limited run of 35 pairs

The Signature Series GTB, exclusively available at Proskaters Place!

To celebrate our 2021 collaboration between Adapt, Proskaters Place and Bill, we have released a limited run of the GTB 2022 model.

There will only be 35 pairs made, available through Proskaters Place. 

Inspired by the Adapt Superleggera, the 2022 GTB model has gotten several updates.

The GTB now comes with a replaceable heel/ankle liner piece. The liner piece ensures a better fit for the ankle, prevents pressure points from the cuff area and can be replaced when worn down, expanding the lifetime of the skates even further! The liner piece can also be removed before heatmolding the shell, to prevent foam compression when pushing out pressure points. The tongue has been redesigned with a pressure-dividing patch to prevent lacebite. The GTB now comes with an included (removable) 45 degrees powerstrap for increased heel lock. Especially for skaters with flat feet or a low arch the powerstrap can improve the fit significantly. Showcasing our new logo in a eye catching way, the GTB comes with an embroidered orange Adapt logo on the tongue and an orange embroidered GTB logo on the back of the skate.

The GTB model comes with our Symetrics Combo 'Stay Low' frames. This frame allows you to switch between a 4x84mm setup and a 3x100mm setup. You can choose which wheel setup you want your skate to be set up with, or you can choose both setups.

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