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We have put a lot of thought into the design of our skates.

This has lead to some very unique design features.

Below you can find some info on several of these features.

Quattro Mount

quattro 165mm.jpg
quattro 195mm.jpg
quattro quattro.jpg

All 2017 and newer model Hyperskates come with the unique Quattro Mount.

This mount allows for a diverse range of frames to be mounted onto the Hyperskate.

The mount can be moved slightly from side to side to make small adjustments to the frame position.

Check out the pictures above:

Here you see a schematic overview of what the mount inside your skate looks like.


Picture 1:

This mount allows for 165mm frames to be mounted.

All the standard Symetrics Hyperframes use this mount to be mounted.

Your Hyperframe will be mounted with 2 screws, one in the front mount and one in the back mount. 

A UFS freeskate frame could also be mounted using this mount.

A UFS frame also uses the 165mm mount, but has no raised heel.

Therefore a UFS Adaptor block needs to be used on the back mount. We offer these Adaptors here.


Picture 2:

This mount allows for 195mm frames to be mounted. 195mm frames are mostly speed skates frames.

Please pay attention that most speed skate frames have the wheels sticking through the frame, so the frame can be as low as possible. 

Our mount is much lower than the mount on most skates,  so to mount a 195mm speed skate frame you will probably need a Big Wheel Adaptor to make the frame fit. We offer these Adaptors here.

Your speedskate frame will be mounted with 2 screws, one in the front mount and one in the back mount.


Picture 3:

This mount is unique to Adapt/Symetrics. This is the mount that we use to mount the Symetrics Quattroframe.

The Quattroframe is mounted with 4 outside screws; 2 in the front mount and 2 in the back mount.

By creating a bigger mounting surface and using extra bolts to mount the frame, we have created an extremely stable and strong mount, which gives a control unmatched by any other frame.

If you are mounting any other frame than a Quattroframe, these holes are used to secure the mount to the boot. 

Waxed Laces


All Adapt skates come with waxed laces. In Adapt skates, the laces are an essential part of the boot.

The laces work together with the skin to create the perfect fit.

Because the laces have a waxed coating, they will stay tight during your whole skate session.

They also let you control how tight specific area's of your skate are, for example you can have the skate loose around your toes,

while keeping it tight around the ankle part. 


You can also control the amount of flex you have by using different 'lace setups'. 
Check out the pictures above:
Picture 1: tight around the ankle and stiff forward flex.
Picture 2: looser around the ankle (sideflex) and more forward flex.
Picture 3: tighter around the ankle and medium forward flex.

Cut to size straps


Everyone knows that no foot is the same, but did you know this is true for ankles as well?

Some people have small feet with big ankles while others have big feet with skinny ankles.

This can cause a bit of an issue when it comes down to strap sizes - there is no thing as a true to size strap! 
Therefore we have come up with a simple solution - we have 2 sizes of top straps and both our top straps and our powerstraps

have a pattern of several stitches next to each other.

Just tighten the strap the way you like it, check which length you need and cut off the excess part of the strap!

Bolt protector

Protecting straps and strap bolts is a point of interest in skating. Since this area sticks out a bit further, it is likely that when you fall, you will fall on this part of the skate. We offer a standard nubuck or vegan leather protector to protect this area with every skate. You can upgrade protection by using our plastic bolt protector. 

100% Heatmoldable Boot


All Adapt models are made with a thermoplastic shell and heatmoldable foams.

When you heat up the skate, you can form the foams to your feet and make adjustments to the shell.

For detailed info, please check out our heatmolding guide.

We recommend to only follow our guidelines, do not use guidelines from other brands or sources. 

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