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We are proud to introduce a new level of skatetechnology. 

The Superleggera is a true passion project. Its goal is to create a new chapter in rollerblading.

A piece of technical art, a true Masterpiece.

It all started with a simple but very emotional idea. What if its creator was to build one last skate. What would he build?

The Superleggera is created and crafted by Pieter Wijnant who has had one single goal in life: To be the best 

skate builder the world has ever seen. Since the age of 12, everything has gone towards creating 

his own skate ideas and gather as much knowledge as possible in order to create his dream.

Life itself has been the learning curve towards the Superleggera.

Inspired by high end cars and race bikes, the goal was to create the most high end skate in the world.

Every job Pieter had, was to get to his goal of being able to create

a unique skate and learn more about how materials worked and how to find the limit of what can be done.

He started out as a professional bike painter for a Belgian bike company learning to perfect painting on 

carbon fiber. This lead to getting obsessed with the black gold. Because of his passion for the sport his next project was to open his own skateshop/skatepark but the idea to create his own skates never left his mind.

 After his dad passing on, the idea of Adapt was born.

Together with Olga Bouwhuis, the Adapt brand was created.

Leaving Belgium in order to fully commit to a dream he had as a 12 year old. 

With the help of Edward Hagen he learned about the 

technology to create the hardware and how the world of speedskating works. Working for 8 years fulltime

at a speedskate brand and working through the late hours together with Olga on Adapt.

2018 brought a big struggle with not being happy and being able to fully work on his ideas. At one point, thinking about

leaving the inline industry all behind and go work in the automotive industry.

This lead to working at Donkervoort carbon devision for a few

days only to realize that he was made to create skates.

In 2019, it was either all in or nothing. After being confronted with loosing his mom and rolemodel to cancer, the advise

was given to enjoy life and do what you like most.

The Superleggera is fully dedicated to Lutgarde Detandt. A mom, rollerblading supporter and creator of dreams.

The road towards building the Superleggera has not been easy. 

Instead of just building a product, the Superleggera is a creation of passion.


"In the end, all that will be remembered are the Masterpieces we leave behind"

- Pieter Wijnant -

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The Superleggera is build with a full pre-preg carbon shell and a soft shell (liner). The soft shell is build perfect to match the carbon shell. The support comes from both the carbon shell and the soft shell liner. By constructing the soft shell liner out of fully thermoplastic materials it can be heated to create a perfect fit. The wrap around strap is an innovative design that allows a natural skating movement. The strap wraps around the foot and is only held in place by the build in carbon/3d printed strap loops. The lining is a mix of On-Steam and EVA foams.


  • Pre-preg carbon fiber lightweight skeleton shell.

  • 3D printed mounting with high grade Stainless Steel M6 threads.

  • Adapt's Quattro mounting. (195/165/Quattro/UFS in one).

  • Wrap around Vegan leather strap with water jet cut hard anodized 7075 aluminium strap loop.

  • Fully heatmoldable soft shell* made out of On-steam lining, EVA foams and heatmoldable structural fibers.

  • Mysole orthopedic insole.

  • Canadian double wax coated laces.

  • Heatmoldable tongue made out of On-steam lining, EVA foams and heatmoldable structural fibers.

  • Lightweight Superleggera and Masterpiece logo under the paint/lacquer.

  • Built-in eyelets.

  • Vegan leather holderstrap.

  • Anatomical shaped shell (can be modified on request).

  • 2 height versions available on request.
    - F1 is a low cut boot made for Speedskating/Marathon.
    - F4 is a mid high cut for Hyperskating, Slalom,Marathon or Freeskating.


  • Weight for a boot only F1 height (size 42 EU) around 390 Grams. 

  • Weight for a boot only F4 height (size 42EU) around 580 Grams.

  • Price: 300 euro deposit, 1000 euro final payment. Total price 1300 euro.

         Replacement of parts:

  • The Soft Shell can be re-placed by sending the skate back to Adapt. We can then replace or upgrade the Soft Shell.

  • Paint or lacquer can be re-done if needed. Due to skating, it could be that the shell gets scratches and you want to have
    your Superleggera brought back to mint condition. This can be done.

    * note, the soft shell liner is build for this skate and is not seen as a common liner. The Superleggera will not be sold to fit any 
    afermarket liners, nor will another Adapt skate be sold to you in case you do try to replace its Soft shell liner with an aftermarket liner.


Story // Info // How to buy


To order a pair of Adapt Superleggera Masterpieces, it works a bit different than to just add one to your card.

Every pair is made by Pieter with search for perfection. And perfection cannot be rushed. 

Just like with getting a Ferrari Enzo, the Adapt Superleggera can only be bought if the customer is approved.

This should not be a scary idea, it is just merely there to protect the customer and the creator.

So how does it work? 

You can fill out the form below on this page, with this comes the request of a 300 euro deposit.

By just answering a couple of simple questions on the reserve form, Pieter can then contact you in person through e-mail and

will check when there is time to produce your pair of Superleggera's and how long the build time will be. If both you, the customer, and the creator agrees to the terms the second payment can be done and you are then added on the list 

to be the proud owner of the Superleggera. 

Why do we do this? We want to protect the customer in not making a mistake in ordering the wrong size, do a check up

if these skates are a good match as towards what you are looking for and also to make sure that this skate never becomes a mass production skate. The idea is that every pair is made with love for the skate and for the customer. So you will be getting

a pair of skates fully built by Pieter with his entire dedication to your pair.

 - Welcome to an elite club -

Reserve Form


Make a €300 deposit to reserve your Superleggera

Please fill in this form and purchase the 'Superleggera Reservation' product in the next step.

What type of skating do you do?
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