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All illustrations by Koen Bleijerveld

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"Nothing but the best will do"

Ever since the release of the first Superleggera we have been working behind the scenes to not only develop a better and more high end skate, but also improve every aspect of creating these "Masterpieces". From a drawing to full CAD design, from wooden lasts to CNC machined molds. The Superleggera SP is the best Adapt can offer.

"Handmade is our motivation"

Adapt is handmade. For us, it is the most important part of the brand. Being connected with the materials, knowing our product and not just shipping out boxes but actually live, care and breathe our ideas and designs. Adapt is us. Made for you.

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"Never off the shelf"

For the Superleggera SP, all parts are made bespoke and made in the Netherlands. From our CNC machined RVS Quattro mounting bolts up to the waterjet cut 7075 Alu mountplate inside the Pre-preg carbon shell. Perfection is what we strive for in every pair made. 

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"The most responsive and versatile mounting"

The Superleggera SP uses a lightweight version of the Quattro mount found in all Adapt Hyperskates. CNC machined or Waterjet cut, it is a composition of metals in order to create a lightweight and extremely strong mounting. We are proud of our invention and celebrate it within the Superleggera SP.

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"Speed and pure performance combined in one frame"

Quattro mounting, hi-lo set-up, 7075 Swiss billet alu, those are some of the headlines of the Quattro frame. But most important, the one thing you cannot put on paper. How it feels, performs and rides.

The Quattro frame is in a league of its own. From the materials used, to the compact design while having the strongest mounting on the market. The frame allows for faster turning because of the 2 front wheels being smaller than the back wheels. This creates a rocker-like feel in steering, but with the benefits of a flat frame. Stability to the max.

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"The lightest freeskate shell in the world"

A technical marvel. The Superleggera SP skeleton shell. By using the first Superleggera as a template, we took the next step comfort- and designwise by working together with Jelle Briggeman to scan and redevelop the shell in CAD. We ended up with a super lightweight construction fully handmade by Pieter Wijnant. By using Italian pre-preg 3k and 6k carbon we have created a unique monocoque design with integrated eyelets, replaceble Quattro mountings and a fully closed carbon insole with shockabsorbing abilities. 

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"The perfect fit liner"

Not just a normal liner. The liner built for the Superleggera SP is shaped to fit in the skeleton shell. It fills up the entire shell with precision and uses heat active foams together with heat active fibers to create a full heatmoldable lining. With an improved heel lock, brand new heatmoldable tongue design with lacebite-protection, the liner is on another level when it comes to comfort and durability. The Strap/Holderstrap and top eyelets are a unique feature, as it works together in creating a sock-like feeling within the Superleggera SP carbon shell. 

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"Jewel-like precision"

Every Superleggera SP is put together with love and care.


Constructed entirely by Pieter Wijnant himself with the utmost respect. 

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"In the end, all that will be remembered are the Masterpieces we left behind" 


The Superleggera is built with a full pre-preg carbon shell and a soft shell (liner). The soft shell is built perfect to match the carbon shell. The support comes from both the carbon shell and the soft shell liner. By constructing the soft shell liner out of fully thermoplastic materials it can be heated to create a perfect fit. The wrap around strap is an innovative design that allows a natural skating movement. The strap wraps around the foot and is only held in place by the build in carbon/3d printed strap loops. The lining is a mix of On-Steam and EVA foams.


  • Full 3k prepreg carbon monocoque shell (high temp. heatmoldable)

  • Fully heatmoldable skeleton lining system (low temp. heatmoldable)

  • Completely new production method, resulting in an overall better finish

  • Lighter and stronger shell

  • Raised built in eyelets for improved fit

  • Revised shell dimensions for optimal fit

  • Completely new lining system with new performance memory/heatadjustable foam for more comfort and performance.

  • Improved nubuck tongue for a better fit and more responsiveness

  • Lacebite prevention piece on the tongue

  • Replaceable 3D SLS protection pieces and sliders

  • Removable Quattro Mounting

  • Carbon base-insole with absorbent foam

  • Replaceable one piece wrap around closing/holderstrap

  • Mysole anatomical insole

Price : €1350

boot only, including deposit, excluding shipment of Sizing Box and Superleggera skate (2 separate shipments)

How to buy

The Superleggera SP is sold out for 2022!

We will continue with the Superleggera project in 2023. 
If you want to be contacted for a pre-order in 2023 please send us an email at

How to order a Superleggera SP

Firstly, you will have to send us an email to request the order of a Superleggera skate.

When we have build slots available we will send you a preorder link, which you can use to pay your initial deposit of €250 euro (excl. shipping). Once you have paid your deposit, we will send you a special Sizing Box that will help to quickly and accurately determine your correct size. Info on how to use the Sizing Box and what to do afterwards can be found in the package.

Once we have determined your correct size and have checked whether or not you need custom adjustments made, we are ready to start the build of your Superleggera SP skate. At this point we will send you a link to finalize the full payment of the Superleggera SP skate, and you will have the option to choose your setup (and add other items). Once we have received your payment we will let you know in which time-slot your Superleggera SP skate will be built and when you can expect your Superleggera to be ready. 

 - Welcome to an elite club -

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