Adapt Pro Sem Croft 2019

We cannot believe Sem Croft has been part of Adapt for more then 8 years now. From a young eager park skater to a full grown street shredder while still placing top 3 on almost every park contest he enters. Sem devoted his life to blading and keeps suprising with his effortless style and technical skills. Filmed and edited by Cavin Brinkman

Adapt Pro Adrian Deck on the Limited Edition Vegans

Russell Day on the Adapt Hyperskate

Cruizing San Diego on the Adapt Hyperskates

Welcome to the team Adrian Deck

Adapt's new pro rider Adrian Deck

How well do team mates Sem Croft and Russell Day know each other?

Find out in a funny edit!

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Sem Croft matured with Adapt

January 20, 2018

Supercool Blading reviews the Adapt Hyperskate

May 26, 2016

Written by Jake Eley

Cavin Brinkman talks about making the Adapt Team Video

January 30, 2018

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