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You now have the option to make your Adapt Hyperskate ready for aftermarket frames with bigger wheels.


By using the new Quattro mount, you can simply mount the 5mm 3D printed block under the heel mount and front mount and your Hyperskate is now a 5mm raised boot! The Hyperskate (Zero, GTO, GTO SP) have a very low mounting. Wanting to be as close as possible to the wheels, the Quattro mount fit all Symetrics aluminium frames standard without any changes needed. Depening on what frame you want to put on your Hyperskate, it could be needed to add another 5mm in between boot and frame to fit bigger wheels. For example, some frames have the wheels coming through the top and with the Adapt, there is a possibility that it will touch the boot, causing your wheel to not roll. In this case you will need the 5mm raisers.


The Hyperskate 5mm adaptor package contains:


  • 4x 5mm SLS 3D printed UFS adaptors 
  • 4x frame mounting bolts
  • 8x adaptor mounting bolts

3D SLS 5mm Big Wheel Mounts

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