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You now have the option to make your Adapt Hyperskate ready for aftermarket frames with bigger wheels or UFS frames!


By using the new Quattro mount, you can simply mount the 10mm 3D printed blocks under the heel mount and your Hyperskate is UFS or mount a set also in the front and you have a 10mm raised boot! The Hyperskate is the perfect option to use high end aluminium UFS frames. For very low speedskate frames you will need 2 sets of mounts. Both in front and back. If not sure, please mail us.


By using the longer bolts in the kit, you can mount the UFS adaptor. 


We do not recommend putting UFS agro frames on the Hyperskates, although this is also possible.


The UFS adaptor package contains:


  • 2x 10mm SLS 3D printed UFS Adaptor blocks
  • 2x14mm 12.1 steel bolts to mount front position of frame
  • 2x 20mm 12.1 steel bolts to mount back position of frame (with block)
  • 4x 16mm 12.1 steel bolts to mount adaptor block to boots

3D SLS UFS Adaptors

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