You now have the option to mount a UFS frame on your Hyperskate and do some slides!


By using the new Quattro mount, you can simply mount the 10mm 3D printed blocks under the heel mount and mount a 3D printed front slider. This way you can mount an aluminium UFS frame and you can do some slides on the sliders.  Note: this does not make your skate full compatable for aggro skating, the slider is designed for stalls and small slides. If you are looking for a skate for aggressive skating, we suggest our Brutale models.


We do not recommend putting UFS aggro frames on the Hyperskates, although this is also possible.


The UFS adaptor  with sliders package contains:

  • 2x 10mm SLS 3D printed UFS Adaptor blocks with sliders
  • 2x SLS 3D printed front slider plates
  • 2x bolts to mount front slider plates
  • 2x 20mm 12.1 steel bolts to mount back position of frame (with block)
  • 4x bolts to mount back UFS adaptor block to boots

3D SLS UFS Adaptor with Sliders