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Adapt waxed laces are made out of high tenacity polyester yarns and have a double wax finish. 
By using Adapt waxed laces you will be able to completely customize the fit and feel of your skates. 
Adapt waxed laces friction grip your eyelets, therefore tension can be adjusted one pair of eyelets at a time. 
As you proceed to lace up eyelet sets toward the ankle, the tension established in the lower sets of eyelets will remain as you originally set it. 
Due to the nature of the waxed laces, a powerstrap is not needed.



  • Canadian waxed laces, custom made for Adapt
  • Length: 200 cm / 78.75 inch (black) or 180 cm / 70.85 inch (white)
  • Available in black and white
  • Are you looking for a replacement set of laces for your Superleggera? Simply mention this in the comment field at checkout! 

Adapt Waxed Laces

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