You can place an order for a custom GTO or GTS by purchasing this product.

Please make sure you have discussed with us what custom skate you want and if that is possible before purchasing this item! 



The major upgrade in the 2020 GTO/GTS is the skin material. We are still using our trusty nubuck leather, but managed to improve on it. We did this by making the nubuck leather a bit thinner. The thinner material means the skin is just a little bit more flexible, which results in a better fit. While the older GTS model needed some break in time, the GTS 2020 forms to your feet straight out of the box.
In short, the nubuck v2 leather provides the same strength and durability but with a better fit. The straps are now also single layered to increase fit and comfort.

To emphasize the new leather, we went for a new skin design and back logo to match the new look.


The GTS shell is a Hyperskate Diolene shell, finished with extra layers of black twill 3k carbon for improved responsiveness and a dark look. Like all Hyperskate models, the GTS features the Quattromount. The Quattromount is the most versatile mount in the industry as it fits both 165mm and 195mm frames as well as the new Symetrics Quattro frame. The mount also provides an extremely low centre of gravity, with the wheels as close to your feet as possible.


You can choose between several different setups to create your perfect Hyperskate.
On the one hand we offer the Symetrics Quattromount frame, on the other hand we offer several variants of the Symetrics Hyperframes.
Unlike regular frames, the Quattromount frame is mounted on the outside of the frame, using 4 M6 bolts. This greatly improves powertransfer and overall strength of the frame. The Quattromount frame is CNC machined out of a solid block of 7000 aluminium and fits a 2x84mm and 2x90mm setup.


The Symetrics Hyperframe is now available in 4x80, 4x84, 4x90 and 3x110 variants. The Hyperframe is CNC cut out of 7075 billet aluminium and features a perfectly centered mount to create the ultimate feeling of control. The completely intact frame walls and triple bridge make sure that the Hyperframe is the strongest on the market. The Hyperskate GTS is completed with the Symetrics Superfast wheels (available in 80mm, 84mm, 90mm and 110mm) and Symetrics ABEC9 bearings.


The GTS package also includes aluminium CNC machined strap/bolt protectors.



  • Dutch Nubuck v2 leather skin in olive/grey
  • Mesh lining
  • High density memory foam
  • Mysole ‘Hyperskate’ insoles
  • Cut-to-size straps, Canadian waxed laces


  • Lightweight, impact absorbing Diolene shell and extra Twill carbon layers with integrated cuff
  • Thermoplastic shell and tongue
  • Quattro mount fits 165,195mm and new Symetrics Quattro frames


  • Symetrics Quattromount frames 84mm/90mm or:
  • Symetrics 4x80mm/4x84mm/4x90mm/3x90mm/3x110 frames
  • Symetrics Superfast 80mm/84mm/90mm/110mm wheels
  • Symetrics ABEC9 bearings
  • Including aluminium CNC machined strap/bolt protectors


Custom GTO/GTS Complete

  • Stock & Production Time

    All sizes will be produced on order. Production time for this product is 3-4 weeks.

  • Sizing Information

    Make sure you order the right size!
    Measure your feet as described here.

    Sizing Table:

    Size EU Size UK Size US Length (mm) Length (inch)
    36 4.0 4.5 236 9.29
    37 4.5 5.0 243 9.56
    38 5.0 5.5 250 9.84
    39 5.5 6.0 257 10.12
    40 6.0 7.0 263 10.55
    41 7.0 8.0 269 10.59
    42 8.0 9.0 276 10.87
    43 9.0 10.0 282 11.10
    44 9.5 10.5 288 11.34
    45 10.0 11.0 295 11.61
    46 11.0 12.0 301 11.85
    47 12.0 13.0 307 12.09