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Attention! This boot cannot be exchanged for a different size as it is the last pair of this model.

Make sure you get the right size! If you need help finding your size please email us.


The Signature Series Brutale Adrian Deck 2022


Adrian Deck is a beast on the blades. Any type of blades. Whether he is freeskating through the city or doing big hammer tricks, Adrian will do it with speed, raw power and finesse. We love Adrian's skating and wanted to celebrate this with an industry-first: a Signature skate spanning two models - the GTO and Brutale - at the same time!
The Adrian Deck Brutale comes in a classy darkgreen color, with eye catching yellow details on the lining and logo's.


The Brutale model is an evolution from our very first model we released all the way back in 2012! From the ONE model through the Stealth to the Brutale has been quite the journey of development and design. With the Brutale 2022 we continue our path of always innovating, never settling!


Inspired by the Superleggera, all 2022 Adapt models now come with a replaceable heel/ankle lining piece. The lining piece ensures a better fit for the ankle, prevents pressure points from the cuff area and can be replaced when worn down, expanding the lifetime of the skates even further! The lining piece is fully heatmoldable at lower temperatures and even forms when simply skating it. It can also be removed before heatmolding the shell, to prevent foam compression during more rigorous heatmolding.Although we made changes to the lining system of the skate, we worked very hard to ensure that an Adapt will always feel direct, responsive and comfortable. With the new system, it has gotten more easy to get the perfect fit every Adapt customer deserves.

The tongue has been redesigned with a pressure-dividing patch to prevent lacebite.

Showcasing our new logo with a bold colorway, the Adapt triangle logo is embroidered in yellow. The Deck 'mountain line' logo on the back is yellow embroidered as well.


The Brutale is made with our trusty nubuck 1.3mm leather. The supple but strong nubuck forms to your feet straight out of the box and will only fit better over time. The new lining system is made out of airmesh lining for comfort and an overall great fit. The nubuck, airmesh lining and waxed laces work together greatly to get your skates fitting like a glove. The included removable 45 degrees powerstrap can take the fit of your Brutale to the next level.


The included 3d SLS boltprotector is mounted on the topstrap bolts to prevent the bolts and strap from getting damaged when falling over. The boot comes with a nubuck boltprotector as well.


The Brutale shell has a built in cuff and is made out of diolene, to provide responsiveness, support and natural flex. Embedded in the bottom of the shell is a torsion bar, which prevents torsion and increases overall rigidity. The Brutale features our UFS Sixmount system. This system allows you to mount any UFS frame and use the outer 4 bolts to mount the Symetrics soulplates for increased rigidity during grinds.


The Brutale comes with the Symetrics soulplates. The Symetrics soulplates are the only CNC machined soulplates on the current market that come stock on a skate! Machining rather than pouring the soulplates means different types of materials can be used. The Symetrics soulplates are arguably the fastest sliding and longest lasting soulplates on the market.
The soulplates have wheel wells for all 4 wheels and allow for up to 65mm wheels to be ridden flat in combination with the Symetrics flat frames.



  • Dutch Nubuck v2 leather skin
  • Replaceable liner piece
  • High density memory foam
  • Mysole ‘Aggro’ insoles
  • Mysole 10mm heellift shockpad
  • Cut-to-size straps, Canadian waxed laces
  • Included cut-to-size 45 degrees powerstrap


  • Lightweight, impact absorbing diolene shell with integrated cuff
  • Thermoplastic shell and tongue
  • Embedded Torsionbar
  • Easily replaceable UFS Sixmounts


  • CNC Machined Symetrics soulplates in black or white
  • Max. wheel size: 65mm flat (in combination with Symetrics flat frames)
  • Included 3d sls boltprotectors

Skate pictured is a size EU39/UK5.5/US6.0 Brutale Adrian Deck boot with size Small soulplates, 45 degrees powerstraps and 3d sls boltprotectors (powerstraps and boltprotectors are included in the Adrian Deck Brutale package).

Adrian Deck Brutale 2022 Boot Only

€475.00 Regular Price
€380.00Sale Price
Soulplate color
  • Size information

    Adapt skates run true to size, in general this means you can probably downsize! Make sure you order the right size by measuring your feet and check out the sizechart here.

    For more information:
    Watch this video about Adapt sizing.

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