Adapt proudly introduces the Anniversary Series GTO 2021 X!


To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Adapt brand, we are releasing this special limited edition skate. Only 10 pairs will be made of this skate!
The colorway of the 10 Year Anniversary edition skate was inspired by the colorway we used for our very first model we ever released, the Harmanus ONE model. This model was a black skate with golden details and had our iconic carbon/kevlar shell. 
The 10 Year Anniversary model has our regular shell but instead of a carbon finish, it is finished with a carbon/kevlar look. The skin is made out of 1.3mm black nubuck and golden embroideries of our 'X' logo are placed on the back of the skate and laceloop of tongue. The holderstrap has an inside golden finish. 


With this skate, you will also be receiving:

  • The Adapt 10 Year Anniversary book,
  • An Adapt 10 year Anniversary T-shirt in your size
  • A special limited edition plaque 
  • An Adapt 10 year Anniversary heatmolding bag. 


All 2021 GTO upgrades are also done for this model:

- The padding in the heel pocket is upgraded for improved fit

- The nubuck skin is reinforced with ballistic nylon to prevent leather stress around eyelets
- The internal Quattro mounting plates are now made of aluminium instead of steel. This is not only lighter, it also gives an overall better looking finish.

- The bottom 3 eyelet sets are now wider apart to allow for more pull on the laces
- Softfoam added to top of cuff area for improved comfort and fit

The GTO is still made with our trusty nubuck 1.3mm leather.  In 2020 we switched from 2mm to 1.3mm nubuck. The thinner material means the skin is just a little bit more flexible, which results in a better fit. While the older GTO model needed some break in time, the GTO 2021 forms to your feet straight out of th