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The Masterpieces Collection 2023 consists of four models:


  • The Superleggera SP 2023 (updated model)
  • The Superleggera Pista low cut speed skating boot (new model)
  • The Superveloce UFS WZRD boot (new model)
  • The Superveloce UFS SC aggressive boot (new model)


Key features of the 2023 Masterpieces:


  • Full 3k prepreg carbon monocoque shell 
  • Fully heatmoldable skeleton lining system (low temp. heatmoldable)
  • New top lining protection pieces (SP, WZRD, SC only)
  • Reinforced top cuff area of shell
  • Raised built in eyelets
  • Updated lining system 
  • New lacebite prevention piece with built in laceloop on the tongue
  • Redesigned replaceable 3D SLS protection pieces and sliders
  • Brand new soulplate design for SC model
  • Brand new WZRD slider plate for WZRD model
  • Removable Quattro/Sixmount mounting
  • Carbon based prepreg insole with absorbent gel (SP/Pista only)
  • EVA shockpad hiellift 10mm (SC/WZRD only)
  • New nylon reinforced replaceable one piece wrap around closing/holderstrap
  • Mysole anatomical insole
  • Canadian waxed laces
  • Matt, bare carbon finish


Due to the high intensity work of producing these skates, we have come up with a build slot system.
By purchasing this item, you will reserve a spot in an available build slot. During that build slot, your pair of Masterpieces will be made for you. This way it is clear for you when your pair will be produced and when you can expect them to be completed. You can see the Build Slot schedule in the info section.


What happens after you place your order:

Once we have received your order, we will email you to confirm your order and to start the process of finding your size (with the use of our sizing box). The decision on which model you want and any questions you have regarding updates on models will be handled in february/march when we start the production. 

By that time we can give you more detailed information about the different (new) models to help you decide which model you want. In (mid) february 2023 we will also officially announce the models so by that time pictures and more info will be available. 
We can also send you a link to add any additional items like a full frame & wheel setup to your order as this is not included in this product.

If you are a new Masterpieces client, we will send you a sizing box to check which size you will need in your pair of Masterpieces. If you are a returning Masterpieces client, we will email you to check whether you have any feedback regarding size from your previous pair.

Once we have checked the size, model and setup you want, we will confirm everything and will start producing your skates once your build slot has started. Four weeks after your build slot has started, your skates are expected to be ready. You will receive tracking info once your Masterpieces are ready to ship.


By purchasing this item you have bought a pair of boot only Masterpieces. This does not include frames/wheels/bearings. For the Superleggera SP and Pista models it does include sliders. For the Superveloce UFS models it does include a soulplate or WZRD slider.


Cancelling your order:


You can cancel your order at anytime before the start of your build slot. You can get a refund on your order minus a cancellation fee of €150. You cannot cancel your order once your build slot has started.


Service and maintenance:


The Masterpieces are products that can be serviced in the Adapt workshop. In 2023 we will offer various service options on our website to keep your skates in perfect condition. Options include resurfacing of the shell, carbon repair, lining repair or replacement, or any other item you need to keep your Masterpieces in perfect condition.

Every pair of Masterpieces is made with no expenses spared, this does mean that replaceable parts are made one of one and per size, which means that costs are higher compared to our regular hardware items. 


Welcome to an elite club.


ATTENTION: all buildslots for 2023 have been sold out. In 2024 we will continue taking on orders for the Masterpiece project. In case you want to be with the first orders in 2024, please email us! 





Masterpieces Build Slot Reservation SOLD OUT FOR 2023

  • Build Slot Schedule

    Each Build Slot lasts 4 weeks. Once your Build Slot has started, the production of your pair of Masterpieces will take an estimated four weeks. If delays occur you will be notified.


    • Start Build Slot 1: February SOLD OUT
    • Start Build Slot 2: March SOLD OUT
    • Start Build Slot 3: April SOLD OUT
    • Start Build Slot 4: May SOLD OUT
    • Start Build Slot 5: June SOLD OUT
    • Start Build Slot 6: July SOLD OUT
    • Start Build Slot 7: August SOLD OUT
    • Start Build Slot 8: September SOLD OUT
    • Start Build Slot 9: October SOLD OUT 
    • Start Build Slot 10: November SOLD OUT

      We will again take orders in early 2024 for the Masterpieces. Thank you all for your support!



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