The ultimate Street and Park frame is back! The Symetrics flat Aluminium. 


The frame consists of a fully billet CNC machined 7075 aluminium core. No costs has been spared to create this frame. The Stainless steel bolts (made in house and cnc machined) are used not only to hold the wheels, but also to hold the plastic walls on the side. By using the bolts we do not need any additional screws on the outside of the frame, keeping the typical Symetrics clean look and simple design. The H-block and slider walls are made out of the infamous Symetrics CNC machined plastic and are very long lasting. The H-block is mounted in the frame center with a single 10.9 steel bolt. The idea behind the dimensions of the frame is that they are a complete replica of the proven dimensions on the plastic Flat frames. The Aluminium frame can house wheels up to 62mm and even up to 65mm in combination with the Symetrics soulplate. With some adjustements on other soulplates, the 65mm set-up can still be used. 


A frame with no compromises. The strongest agro frame on the market and the only billet CNC machined frame that is in actual production. By keeping the frame walls intact for the most part, and by creating 3 bridges between the framewalls we can insure the best stifness to weight ratio on any aluminium agro frame. The hardware can be replaced (sliders, h-block and bolts) and will save cost in the end. You buy the frame 1 time and keep the aluminium core, and are able to replace or upgrade the plastic parts in the future. The weight of the complete frame is just 60 grams more then the plastic version, but with added strenght, its a faster rolling frame.


  • Mounting type: UFS mount
  • Small size recommended for sizes EU36-42 / UK4-8 / US4.5-9
  • Large size recommended for sizes EU42-47 / UK8-12 / US9-13
  • CNC Machined
  • Wheelbase size small: 254mm
  • Wheelbase size large: 270mm
  • Max wheel size: 62mm frame only, 65mm with Symetrics v4 soulplates
  • 8mm CNC machined Stainless Steel (RVS) bolts
  • Set includes a set of Symetrics aluminium cores, 2 plastic h-blocks, 4 plastic sliders
  • Optional: 8x Symetrics 60 or 65mm wheels, 16x Symetrics ABEC9 bearings and spacers

Symetrics UFS Flat Frame Aluminium Black or Blank