The Symetrics flat frames v5 plastic housing ONLY!!! Save up some bucks by keeping your old bolts and spacers and using them again on the Symetrics frames.


Important: this product is meant for customers that have already previously bought Symetrics frames with hardware. If you do not own Symetrics hardware, we advise to purchase the frames with hardware. If you do own aftermarket bolts that fit but do not own our spacers, please purchase this item including the spacers. Do not using spacers from other brands in these frames. The Symetrics spacers were specifically designed for these frames. Other spacers will not fit.


If you are using other bolts than Symetrics bolts, make sure to use the right lenght of bolts, in case these frames were used with bolts of the wrong length and/or other spacers than Symetrics spacers, there is no warranty on this item! 


The Symetrics flat frames are already on version 5 now! Dubbed 'Flat Frame Plastic' from now on, the  frames are now made with a denser grade of the same plastic for improved strength and rigidity against warping. The frames have a very long lifespan since the plastic almost does not wear down. Meaning, the frame will last longer then any injection moulded frame.

The dimensions of the Symetrics v4 RVS frames have not changed compared to the v4 original or the v3 version of the frames!


The Symetrics flat frame is specifically designed for riding flat and can fit wheels up to 62mm. When used in combination with the Symetrics v4 soulplates, you can ride wheels up to 65mm (64mm flat shape or 65mm bullet shape).

If you do not have the Symetrics v4 Soulplates, you can simply make some small wheel wells in your soulplates to fit the 65mm wheels. 

It is the first frame to offer a dual angled groove that ensures a better ability to lock onto grinds. By combining a smaller and shallower groove with the perfect frame wall thickness the grinding surface will be diverted away from your wheels, ensuring you will not get stuck on your wheels while grinding. The frames are CNC machined out of the same material as the Symetrics soulplates, so they slide like butter and are extremely durable. 

  • Small size recommended for sizes EU36-42 / UK4-8 / US4.5-9
  • Large size recommended for sizes EU42-47 / UK8-12 / US9-13
  • CNC Machined
  • Wheelbase size small: 254mm
  • Wheelbase size large: 270mm
  • Max wheel size: 62mm frame only, 65mm in combination with Symetrics v4 soulplates
  • Set includes a set of Symetrics flat frames housing only (no spacers, axels or mounting bolts included)

Symetrics V5 housing only