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The very first Quattro frame by Symetrics! 


After more than 4 years of research to create a unique mounting system, the Quattro frame is finally here. And for this piece, we had to go all out. Only the best materials have been used to create this frame. Using 3D design to fully maximise the strenght of the frame, each frame has been CNC machined out of a solid block of 7075 aluminium. 


Fully made in the Netherlands and designed by Pieter Wijnant, this frame is the next level when it comes to skating. 


The mounting is the strongest mounting ever to be used on any inlineskate. By using 4 M6 bolts on the outside of the frame, the powertransfer is very direct. Even creating more feel towards the heel and front of the toes. By setting the mounting as far as possible, the frame does not flex under the boot like other frames that are mounted with 2 or 3 bolts. 

This frame is a hi-lo frame and fits 2x84/2x90mm wheels. By using the hi-lo feature on this frame, the front of the foot sits closer to the ground and the heel has more power due to the bigger 90mm wheels. 


The Symetrics Hyperskate frame is the strongest freeskate frame on the market. 

By not cutting out the sidewalls, the CNC machined 7075 aluminium keeps its complete strenght. Inside the frame, we have cut out as much as possible to make sure we have a super lightweight frame. By keeping internal bridges the frame walls are fully supported.


The 7075 aluminium bolts are a new design that feature a thicker wall so more force can be applied when bolting down. 


Every frame is CNC machined to perfection and anodized for a perfect finish. The graphics are laser burned into the frame. Our frames are made in-house and a product of The Netherlands.



  • Mounting type: Adapt QuattroMount
  • Holds 2x84/2x90mm wheels
  • CNC Machined 7075 aluminium
  • Wheelbase: 265mm
  • 8mm 7075 aluminium bolts
  • Fits ONLY on Adapt Hyperskate models of 2017 make and newer!

Symetrics Quattro S frame

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