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Symetrics Quattro S (for Speed) 90/100 frame, designed for freeskating, city skating and recreational distance skating.


The Quattro S 90/100 frames have a hi-lo wheel configuration. This means the two front wheels are smaller than the two back wheels. The smaller wheels in the front give optimal maneuverability, while the bigger back wheels provide a faster ride. Attention: this is not a rockered frame!


The Quattro S 90/100 frame has a wheel configuration of (front to back): 90-90-100-100 and a wheelbase of 288mm


The Symetrics Quattro frames are mounted using the Quattro Mount, designed and developed by Adapt. Unlike regular frames, the Quattro S frame is mounted on the outside of the frame, using 4 M6 stainless steel bolts, which are - like the frame - designed and manufactured in-house.

This way of mounting greatly improves powertransfer and overall strength of the frame. The frame does not flex under the boot like frames mounted with 2 or 3 bolts do. 


The Quattro frames are CNC machined out of a solid block of 7000 aluminium and have intact sidewalls and internal bridges for maximum strength. Compared to the 2021 and earlier Quattro frames, we have slimmed down the design a bit to decrease the weight.


Fully made in the Netherlands and designed by Pieter Wijnant, this frame is the next level when it comes to skating. 


Every frame is CNC machined to perfection and anodized for a perfect finish. The graphics are laser burned into the frame. Our frames are made in-house and a product of The Netherlands.



  • Mounting type: Adapt QuattroMount
  • Holds 2x90/2x100mm wheels
  • CNC Machined 7000 aluminium
  • Wheelbase: 288mm
  • 8mm 7075 aluminium axles
  • Includes 8 stainless steel mounting bolts
  • Fits ONLY on Adapt Hyperskate models of 2017 make and newer!

Symetrics Quattro S 90/100 frame

  • Which Quattro S frame is best for my skate size?

    For general purposes we advice the following frame based on skate size. Of course if you want a more nimble frame, you can go for a smaller wheel configuration, or if you want more speed, you can go for a bigger wheel configuration.

    • Quattro S 80/84 recommended for sizes EU36-40 / UK4-6 / US4.5-7
    • Quattro S 84/90 recommend for sizes EU41-42 / UK7-8 / US8-9
    • Quattro S 90/100 recommended for sizes EU43-47 / UK9-12 / US10-13
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