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The Symetrics Flat frames have been upgraded for 2022, and now come with an oversized hexagon-shaped female stainless steel axle. Now you only need one instead of two allen keys to open up the axles to remove your wheels. For easy placement, the hexagon axle does have an allen key opening. The original round RVS axles do still fit in the 2022 Symetrics flat frames! All components (frame, axles, spacers) are made in-house.


Dubbed 'Flat Frame Plastic' from now on, the  frames are now made with a denser grade of the same plastic for improved strength and rigidity against warping. The frames have a very long lifespan since the plastic almost does not wear down. Meaning, the frame will last longer then any injection moulded frame.

The Symetrics flat frame is specifically designed for riding flat and can fit wheels up to 62mm. When used in combination with the Symetrics v4 soulplates, you can ride wheels up to 65mm (64mm flat shape or 65mm bullet shape). If you do not have the Symetrics v4 Soulplates, you can simply make some small wheel wells in your soulplates to fit the 65mm wheels. 

The Symetrics flat frame is the first frame to offer a dual angled groove that ensures a better ability to lock onto grinds. By combining a smaller and shallower groove with the perfect frame wall thickness the grinding surface will be diverted away from your wheels, ensuring you will not get stuck on your wheels while grinding. The frames are CNC machined out of the same material as the Symetrics soulplates, so they slide like butter and are extremely durable. As of 2019, all Symetrics flat frames come with our own CNC machined hardware, made of stainless steel.


There are now 3 options when purchasing this frame:

  • Frames including hardware; this means you will purchase the frames including axles and spacers.
  • Complete setup with 60mm wheels. You will purchase the frames, including axles and spacers as well as a flat setup of 60mm Symetrics wheels including Symetrics 7ball ABEC9 bearings and spacers for in between the bearings. 
  • Complete setup with 65mm wheels. You will purchase the frames, including axles and spacers as well as a flat setup of 65mm Symetrics wheels including Symetrics 7ball ABEC9 bearings and spacers for in between the bearings. 



  • Mounting type: UFS mount
  • Small size recommended for sizes EU36-42 / UK4-8 / US4.5-9
  • Large size recommended for sizes EU42-47 / UK8-12 / US9-13
  • CNC Machined
  • Wheelbase size small: 254mm
  • Wheelbase size large: 270mm
  • Max wheel size: 62mm frame only, 65mm with Symetrics v4 soulplates
  • Includes 8mm CNC machined Stainless Steel (RVS) bolts, 16 frame spacers
  • Optional:  8x Symetrics 60 or 65mm wheels, 16x Symetrics 7ball ABEC9 bearings and spacers

Symetrics UFS V6 Flat Hexagon Frame Plastic