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The Adapt tool kit is a life saver! 


How many times have you had to stop a good session after you lost a bolt, a bearing broke or you just wanted to put a sticker on an obstacle but you had none.. Your prayers have been answered with the Adapt tool kit! Now with professional quality allen keys from Holex!

You can also upgrade the kit to a maintenance kit, this will include a nubuck brush to keep your nubuck skate looking fresh, and a small tube of glue to fix small area's of the skin.

Set includes (both versions):

  • 2 pieces of 7B Symetrics bearings
  • 1 7075 wheel spacer
  • 1 M4 professional quality allen key with handle (Holex)
  • 1 M3 professional quality allen key with handle (Holex)
  • 1 Unbrako Strapbolt
  • 1 Symetrics emergency sticker
  • 1 Adapt emergency sticker
  • 1 Toolbag with leather Adapt patch


Also included in Aggro version: 

  • 1 set of RVS bolts
  • 1 Unbrako Sixmount bolt (12mm)
  • 1 Unbrako Frame mount bolt (22mm)


Also included in Hyper version:

  • 1 piece of 7075 alu Hyperskate frame axle
  • 1 Unbrako mountbolt (8mm)
  • 1 Unbrako frame mountbolt (16mm)


Included in maintenance kit:

  • Superglue, small tube
  • Nubuck brush (in red or white)


Adapt tool kit