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superleggera PISTA

The Superleggera Pista is born out of the idea to bring class and performance to the track. Just like a Hypercar, this piece of technical marvel shines by its performance in low weight and power feedback. Designed for the race track or your favorite endurance marathon. Comfort, design and performance. The Pista has it all. 

the most dedicated parts 

Every Masterpiece is built with the utmost respect towards the craft and the materials used. The Superleggera Pista skate is a professional product. It is designed for the practised skater that is looking for the enjoyment of getting the best skating experience when speed skating.

Almost every part on the Masterpiece is made uniquely for this project. From the handbuilt shell to the uniquely designed lining and sliders. It is important to understand that owning a Masterpiece comes with a higher cost of replacing parts than most other skates. You are the caretaker. 

Every Superleggera can be refurbished or repaired. From taking out scratches, to repairing carbon work or replacing used parts. You can keep your Masterpiece in perfect shape, a unique feature of the Masterpieces.

No parts are sold if you do not own a pair of Masterpieces. All parts or agreements on refurbishment are on order or reservation only. 
Please contact Adaptbrand for any repair work needed on your Masterpiece.




  • Full handmade 3k prepreg carbon monocoque shell with alu 7075 built reinforcements

  • Fully handmade heatmoldable skeleton lining system (low temp. heatmoldable)

  • Lighter and stronger shell with reinforced toebox

  • Raised built in eyelets for improved fit

  • Updated 3K prepreg carbon base insole

  • Completely new lining system with new performance memory/heatadjustable foam for more comfort and performance with reworked soft GEL foam ankle area.

  • New replaceable Nubuck top lining protection pieces

  • Unique tongue design for the Pista only

  • Lacebite prevention piece on the tongue

  • Nylon slider protection

  • Removable CNC machined Quattro Mounting

  • Canadian Adapt waxed laces

  • Mysole high density anatomical insole

  • 3mm heel impact shock absorber

Price boot only : €1350

Price includes your full build slot, 4 week build time, Superveloce goodies and more.

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