Julian Bah

Through the years, Julian has adapted his role in rollerblading. He started out as one of the most hyped rollerbladers of all time and became one of the biggest pro's our sport has ever seen. With full sections in almost every big rollerblading movie like Hashassins, the Fiziks team video, EGO, GroundControl and Black Market, Julian has never stopped entertaining the crowd. After receiving multiple pro skates from Adapt, we are sure Julian has not had his final encore yet.

Atlanta, USA

Sem Croft

Sem Croft has been on our team since he was just 14 years old. It amazes us still to see how far Sem has come! Now years later, our Golden Child is still part of the Adapt team. With his unique effortless style on grinds and massive airs and spins on park, Sem has proven to be a natural talent and has a bright future in our industry. 

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Russell Day

Russell Day has been on the team almost since day one.

Right after we started the Adapt Brand company, Russell Day asked us to buy some skates instead of asking to get them for free. We think that says enough about his respect for the company. Russell has been involved in Adapt and riding for us ever since. Made pro for Adapt in 2017, we celebrated the Californian tech cat with his own Adapt pro skate.

San Diego, USA

Adrian Deck

Adrian Deck is the latest addition to the Adapt team. Adrian is a true powerhouse - with style and speed he does amazing hammers and gets technical as well. We couldn't be happier to have him on board!

Aargau, Switzerland

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Cavin Brinkman

Finding a good filmer that knows the team and is able to capture the rollerblading lifestyle has always been on the Adapt list. Our professional relationship with Cavin grew over the years from talking about doing projects, to actually having Cavin film our very first DVD project. During this time, Cavin became part of the Adapt family! Not only as our go to filmer, but also taking care of tours, ideas for the team and a helping hand with social media. 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Jorma Schneider

Jorma Schneider has been a friend, an inspiration and a true representative for the Adapt Brand. With the Hyperskate GTO as weapon of choice, he embodies the vision of Adapt's founder Pieter Wijnant on how to make skating look as stylish as it can be. 

Hamburg, Germany

Rik van Huik

The first rider to be on Adapt. 

Rik his role in the Adapt team has been very diverse. From testing our first prototypes and helping with the direction of the brand to being one of the most talented people ever to wear skates. Rik is Adapt. As one of our best friends he never fails to amaze us. There is no kink rail or big gap we can pass without thinking: 'that's a Rik spot, Rik would kill this'. Although Rik has never really been a fan of being in the spotlight, he has a big heart for rollerblading and we are proud to have him on the team. Due to injuries and different goals in life, Rik will have a different role within the brand, but he will always be a part of the Adapt family.

Utrecht, The Netherlands

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