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Symetrics UFS Big Wheel Frame 4x80mm

€ 175,00

CNC machined 7000 aluminium UFS frames to turn your (aggressive) UFS boot into a cruiser/big wheel setup!

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Product Details

  • Mounting type: UFS mount 
  • CNC Machined 7000 aluminium
  • Flat based wheel setup
  • Wheelbase 4x80mm frame: 244,5mm
  • Wheelbase 4x84mm frame: 256,5mm
  • Wheelbase 4x90mm frame: 274,5mm
  • Frame weight (single frame including axles) 4x80mm frame: 211 grams
  • Frame weight (single frame including axles) 4x84mm frame: 240 grams
  • Frame weight (single frame including axles) 4x90mm frame: 252 grams
  • 8mm 7000 aluminium axles
  • Set includes a set of Symetrics aluminium frames including axles
  • Optional:  8x Symetrics 80mm wheels, 16x Symetrics  bearings and spacers
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