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The Symetrics UFS Big Wheel frame is the strongest UFS aluminium frame on the current market. 

It is made out of extruded CNC machined 7000 aluminium, which is the highest grade aluminium available. By not cutting out the sidewalls, the CNC machined 7000 aluminium keeps its complete strength. Inside the frame, we have cut out as much as possible to make sure we have a super lightweight frame. The frame also has an internal bridge to further increase the strength of the frame.


Every frame is CNC machined to perfection and pearl anodized for a perfect finish. The graphics are laser burned into the frame. Our frames are made in-house and are a product of The Netherlands.


The Symetrics UFS Big Wheel frames have a flat-based setup for optimal control and speed.


  • Mounting type: UFS mount 
  • CNC Machined 7000 aluminium
  • Wheelbase 4x80mm frame: 244,5mm
  • Wheelbase 4x84mm frame: 256,5mm
  • Wheelbase 4x90mm frame: 274,5mm
  • Wheelbase 4x100mm frame: 304,5mm
  • Frame weight (single frame including axles) 4x80mm frame: 211 grams
  • Frame weight (single frame including axles) 4x84mm frame: 240 grams
  • Frame weight (single frame including axles) 4x90mm frame: 252 grams
  • Frame weight (single frame including axles) 4x100mm frame: 299 grams
  • 8mm 7000 aluminium axles
  • Set includes a set of Symetrics aluminium frames including axles
  • Optional:  8x Symetrics 90mm wheels, 16x Symetrics ABEC9 bearings/Ceramic bearings and spacers


Want to mount this frame to your aggressive boot without soulplate? Make sure you fill up the mounting hole with these spacers!

Symetrics UFS Big Wheel Frame 4x90mm

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