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Introducing the WZRD plate 


As dedicated bootmakers, we are always aiming to create a great looking finished product. With the new trend of mounting a UFS Big Wheel frame directly to the boot without the soulplate, we aimed at visually and practically improving that look. For that reason we have developed the WZRD plate. It is a very thin (<3mm) plate that can be sandwiched in between the boot and UFS frames. It not only greatly improves the overall look and finish of the setup, it also functions as a protection of the boot by filling up the UFS holes in the frame and protects the underside of the powerstrap. 


  • Designed to fit UFS flat based boots, like the Brutale
  • A set of two plates, one for each boot
  • Protects the underside of the boot, including SixMount hardware and powerstrap on Brutale model
  • Fills up UFS holes in UFS frames
  • Available in black
  • Available in 6 sizes - check the size chart for fitting under other brands
  • Sizes 38-39/40-41/42-43 and 44-45 are in production and expected in stock end of April
  • Sizes EU36-37 and EU46-47 will be produced on order, production time is 2,5 weeks

WZRD plates

  • Production Time

    Sizes 38-39/40-41 are currently in stock.

    Sizes EU36-37, 42-43, EU44-45 and EU46-47 will be produced on order, production time is 2,5 weeks

  • Size Chart WZRD Plate

    Adapt Size 


    Adapt Size


    Adapt Size 






    36-37 4.0-4.5 4.5-5.0 242 9.52
    38-39 50-5.5 5.5-6.0 260 10.23
    40-41 6.0-7.0 7.0-8.0 268 10.55
    42-43 8.0-9.0 9.0-10.0 276 10.86
    44-45 9.5-10.0 10.5-11.0 290 11.41
    46-47 11.0-12.0 12.0-13.0 298 11.73


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