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Adapt - Schoenmaat procedure - Step1a.jpg

Step 1

Take an insole from a pair of skates or shoes

Adapt - Schoenmaat procedure - Step1b.jpg

Step 2

Stand on the insole, with your heel placed correctly in the heel pocket. 

Adapt - Schoenmaat procedure - Step2.jpg

Step 3

Mark with a pen or a piece of tape where your toes reach on the insole.

Adapt - Schoenmaat procedure - Step3.jpg

Step 4

Measure in a straight line from the center of the heel to the top edge of the insole. 
These measurements can be used to find your size in our size chart.


*Average length

This size chart is designed to guide you to the right skate size,
safety margins are already calculated into this chart.

Need our help?
Take pictures of all steps so we can have a look at your results and help you find your size!
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